Every person and business has a story, and Storia Video is no exception. We got our start as “SLM Multimedia” in 2011 but, as we have grown and evolved, a new name and image began to make a lot of sense. Initially, our focus was on Television News; in the last couple years, our focus has become telling the story of individuals and businesses through video, hence the name change. It has been an exciting transition and, because of our own evolution, we are more passionate than ever to help people share what is most important about what they have to offer the world. Let Storia Video tell your story today!

We film in Maryland, Pennsylvannia, Virginia, and Washington D.C.


Gregory Marsh

Owner. creative director.

Greg Marsh founded Storia Video (formerly SLM Multimedia), a Maryland corporation, in 2011 and is both CEO and Creative Director. He is an eight-time Emmy Award-winning videographer, editor, and producer with more than 25 years of experience. As a veteran broadcast journalist, Greg has a unique command of storytelling and recognizes the importance of advancing information accurately.

Greg is highly trained in the art of detail and is not only skilled behind the camera he is a master at weaving video and audio components together in post-production to create seamless and engaging stories. In addition to 8 EMMY Awards, Greg is also a repeat recipient of the Associated Press Photographer of the Year Award and dozens of Awards from the National Press Photographers Association.



Partners in Creativity

We have great friends that specialize in services that are complementary to video, and they do great work. If you need a website for your video to live on, a custom musical score, or __, these are the companies that we highly recommend. We work closely with our partners to combine our talents and create a total package of media assets for you and your business.


Clear Space Media

Clear Space Media is an Annapolis-based web design, digital marketing, and graphic design company that prides itself on being customer-centric. They freely share their knowledge and insights with clients to help guide them to the success in the digital market as well as provide stellar websites and internet marketing services.


Harry Bosk Photography

The goal of Harry Bosk Photography is creating photographs with a narrative. At events, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate function, their goal is to capture the unguarded, candid moments. Good photography documents more than an event or occasion – it provides a personal and emotional record.